Civil Law

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Civil Law.

Daily relationships between people.

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We are specialists in the civil law that regulate the personal or patrimonial relations between private or public people, physical people or companies.

Criminal Law

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Criminal Law.

Resolution of criminal proceedings

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Full assistance to arrested people for criminal cases: crimes against people or patrimony, prison cases and quick proceedings among many others perfomances.

Labour Law

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Labour Law.

Advice to workers and companies.

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We operate in all kinds of labor proceedings betwen workers and companies, dismissals, sanctions, accidents at work, claims of benefits and other labor disagreements.

Traffic Accidents

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Accidents .

Traffic Accidents Claims and Defenses

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We claim to the insurance companies and assume all kinds of defenses for civil liability in case of traffic accidents.

Succession Law

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Disagreements with inheritance.

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Advice and successory planning, legal assistance in the defense of hereditary interests, claim of inheritances and claims of legitimate, last wills.

Banking Law

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Banking Law.

Actions against banking entities.

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We have a special sensitivity against bank abuses: "tierra" clauses, "preferent" shares, foreclosures, rate coverages and other abuses.



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